Nine Short Stories To Read Right Now For Free

Nine Short Stories To Read Right Now For Free

Daniel Odeniyi

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Story in short are very popular but have you ever imagined how many short stories are written and published online, every day.
A lot right?
Most stories in the list are interesting short stories to read and as promise short and precise, some of these stories might leave you shocked and wondering for answers and still entertains.
without more to be written in the introduction, let’s check out this list of incredible short stories for free.

                     TABLE TO CONTENT
  • The blood hunter
  • a knife of a serial killer
  • run or die
  • they hate us
  • a liar in the court room
  • love on the bridge
  • I feel the wave
  • an empty life
  • nasty night ahead

NOTE: our short stories to read are only in primary edits. if offended by little grammer error in this stories you coud contact us or comment below.




PEEK: Will leave you chilled. if you love alien horror this might just be for you


               A voice cried aloud, behind Jane. as she ran, her feet were weary and heavy. The rain had poured earlier and created muddy paths along her way. 

               She felled and rolled, but got up again and continued a race for her life, her legs stamped on a muddy path; something was on her trail.

               Her heart raced along with her; something had scared her.

               Her face was bloody and injured as she never turned her back; something had hurt her.

               Whatever it was, it will not stop until it wipes her off the face of the universe.

               The street was quiet and lonely, nearly empty. She cried for help but nobody came to her rescue. 

               She got tired, her legs weaken, as she bends her back and gasps for breath, her hands on both knees for support. Lighting struck and thunderous sound followed. Soon rain began and she could no longer see. the blood had held her vision as it streams down her eyelids.

               A light far away came running towards her; she tries to look closer, hoping it was someone to her rescue. She washed off the blood and stared at the car as it parked in front of her. She looked more closely. Then she knew her fear had come. Not a help but a freak.   

               Her legs were weak to run as she stood still, she asked, her body shaking in the rain, “what do you want?”

               It crawled out, a figure like an alien. It had two hands but joined, they were peeling, and blood streaming as its face pumps vein. A chain on one hand and a mechanical saw on the other. A smile came on its disfigured face, a one-eyed and its mouth with no teeth. It had no feet and floats, it replied, “welcomed my child.” Its voice sounds like echoes from a mountain, vibrates like a boiling pot, and cracks as chips chewed.

               It mechanical saw engine started as it advances. 

               “Please don’t…..” Jane pleaded but it approached faster as it raised the mechanical saw a little higher and cried, “I need blood.” 

               Jane picks up herself and run but was held to the ground by its chains. She begged as it dragged her away. Her finger scratched the stoned ground; blood spilling out as she cried afraid of death, for the blood hunter have her.


 Note: what do you think? short right.



        SNEAK PEEK: might be confusing but will leave you with questions. this was written in a second singular in person.                                            

You knew all. who is a serial killer? A vast murderer or a brutal and violent individual born to kill, but what you don’t know is why he killed, or will I say…….why you killed.

               You sat on a stool in your usual bar. The waitress poured more wine into your cup as you watched the news. There I was looking at you; no, I wasn’t there, it was my picture in a set box. 

               I was torn in your life. A devastating murderer I killed your family but felt no remorse, as I bellowed and plucked my finger close to your eyes yelling, “I will kill you.”

               Now you are happy I am behind bars and the cage is to burn my anger.

               You smiled and said, “I thought the world is not just.”

               Took more drinks and left the bar, your hands wiggle as you got into your car and brought out a knife. You wipe the blood off the edges with a cloak. The cloak soon became red and stained with blood. 

               You were the serial killer. But framed me and got me arrested. The knife shone as you raised it above your head. A grin appeared and you promised, “no one can stop me, now.” and nobody will, because I am lock behind bars, suffering for what you did with that knife, a bloody knife of a serial killer.

Note: you might find this a lot complicated than the rest in this list.



PEEK: beat the odds of what humanity might be in years to come

I need to run or I will die. my life is at risk as I ran. something is after me, but I dare not look behind.
My leg hits the floor making rhythms, my jacket is torn by the arm as blood rushes out of the bleeding arm but I refused to cover it or stop it.
the busy street made it hard for me as my leg got weak; I stop to breathe harder, as I gasp for air.
I knew what they will do if they caught me, I took faith and turned and see my two chasers behind me. they were ruthless as they crush pedestrians with their muscle car, taking them down like a pin and bowl game. this is no game to me but a dreadful reality.
my legs got back up and I continued to run, just a few meters to my race of life a bike stopped in front of me. the rider was a lady with the usual outfit she wore. she hastens, “climb on if you want to live.”
her voice deepens as she finished her statement. I stood there watching her like an angel, but a black angel because of her outfit. from her leather jacket to her leather boot was black. I knew there was no time but I asked, “who are you?”
she replied, “I don’t think you need to ask that.” I could not trust her as she nods her head signally me to look behind. I look and see my chaser like hungry lions inching towards me. though the police join the chase and were after them, that didn’t stop them; they were ambitious to kill me.
I had no choice but to hop on her bike. I did and she rode off. I questioned her motive while we journey, “why did you save me?”
“I didn’t save you, but you save yourself,” she smiled toward me and added, “either you run or die.”

Note: this is a predecessor to the short work of the blood hunter




PEEK: this might be a little rough for readers who are not into politics

A political short story
“we will stand, we will stand,” a crowd of protesters chant as they besiege the parliament. police tried to hold them off with tear gas and shield.
meanwhile, inside the parliament, a riot began, representatives threw things at each other and yelled at one another as the senate tries to calm them and stop the further escalation.
he yelled, “keep calm and order.”
the greedy politicians refused and build the riot into a war. they tore each other clothes and threw their fist at one another.
some policemen appeared in the aisle running towards the fighting reps. they pulled them from each other and settled them on their chairs.
“you are all fools.”
“you are the one, that’s a bigger fool,” the fat one retorted as he slams his hand on the chair handle, tries to get up but the police held him back.
“What did I do,” the senate asked being confused.
“for your foolish action,” echoed another one from the room, he is bleeding from his nose.
the country was intense, politicians drifting the society like a gamble as every individual marched out and protested along banks and parliament.
society was already on the lane of destruction. life is a waste to the youths but the wealthy will always find their way.
“We won’t agree to their policies, which intimidate the youths into hardship just for their greedy, self’s, we won’t,” the protest leader thundered and threw his hand up and other followed chanting, “we won’t.”
a small girl in the group, clutch herself to her mom, “mummy, why are we protesting?”
the mother brought her closer and she placed a palm on the little girl head softly, she replied with a soft voice, “life would be treble if we don’t; they will us and dump us because they hate us.”

Note: raises a lot of questions to our governing system in society.




PEAK: with a lot twist it will keep you begging for more. this is written in the second singular too.


you had a hard time getting through the rainy days. it rained heavily while you slept on a cushion as your hands were placed on the chair arm.

               the lids of your eyes opened and you were drifted into the darkness, you looked around and there was no light to overcome the darkness as scary thought crept into you. a vivid thought jump into your mind, a clown who scars little children suddenly appeared. just a moment the light came back, your heart rejoiced as the clown fades away into the darkness it came from.

               your hands reached for the remote, you could feel the smooth edges as you pressed the on the button.

               “today news, a killer is arrested and being trailed for first-degree murder. he pleads not guilty after an investigation found out he killed Nancy Mac.”

               then you turned it off, paused for a minute as you flashback on the day it all happened. the day she died on your arm, you could have taken her place; you wished. Nancy was your dear wife but was murder by a ruthless killer, a mad man who deserves to be a lock-in jail.

               the TV became a living horror as you tuned it back on.

               your lawyer stood up to object and criticizes the defendant earlier statement.

               the heated argument was more like a tussle in your ears, later on, you could see the killer staring at your soul, smiling towards you though he was not with you. the hate and fear grew stronger as you knew there was anger and rejoice filled in his heart.

               a man stood up and shouted your name, “pardon me, sir, where is Thomas Mac.”

               the judge looked about for you and stooped, later on, he stamps his desk and ordered, “trail suspended.”

               you knew what would happen if he was released, but still, you remained at home and never came to the trial.

               a phone call came in your cell. you answered, “who is this?”

               “The jury,” replied the caller and asked, “why weren’t you in the court today.”

               you replied gazing out the window suspiciously with your mouth opened and eyes mixed with fear, “because there is a liar in the courtroom.”           


Note: going to serve that hunger for the taste of literally and fiction




PEAK: brings back two lovers passion and hopes


your heart was weak your smile simple, everyone you met made you cry but you kept on smiling. a wedding vile on your head, you were to be married to a man. a wealthy ignorant lover, someone you never loved.

               Tears dropped down your watery eyes and rolled on your cheek as I wore the wedding cloth. something thorns your mind while you walked down the as you got up from the stool. you felt nobody loved you, nobody cared for you as walked to the mirror slowly, you could see your sadness. it would have never happened but it came to place.

               “it’s time,” a man, his hair white and curl all to his neck. the suit on him was rather odd, a white-collar but a black elbow as he stamps his lengthy leather boots twice. 

               its time you will hate yourself forever. when you first meet him, he was lovely and kind also promising all nicest things but in your face4 he cheats as you had no words to say, speechless you were as you slowly marched out to the corridor. the man accompanied to the front door as you knew your smile will turn to tears in a thousand years.

               a life you never dreamt of right now you could not say no as you walked down the aisle. a weird smile appeared in your face as I stood there watching you. I was your past lover and someone that will hold you close not letting go.

               my mind was plain with no expression written on my face, I could not believe you are about to get married to a ruthless and selfish man.

               your mother lay in bed in the hospital as she was diagnosed with a deadly disease. and a whopping price for treatment. due to my pauper state, I could not pay but pray, hoping God will heal her. but your aggressive lover tokes it as an advantage. I gave hope and you gave in. I knew you have to save your mother life.

               I left before the ceremony began as I hoped you will remember the love we had, the love on the bridge.


Note: what will a love story end without love happy conclusions? Nevertheless, it not in this short story.






     SNEAK PEAK: A chilling horror for thrill-seekers, as it takes a woman to find a deadly curse


my feet cuddle in the warm sand. I gently lift my knee for effective relaxation, the clouds of mischief have gathered. a downpour would start but am not ready to leave my state. 

           I grab onto a basket and pulled my leg of the sand, slowly getting to my feet. I could feel the pains of everyday life place on me again. I walked to the basket and filled it with stuff by stuff, I filled the basket. my hands ran on the sand slowly as a tingly sensation fiddle in my mind I hope not to leave, praying the rain should hold up some longer.

           there was no time as the winds create its way through me kicking the sand to arise. I held to my basket and cloaked that wrapped around my chest. I slowly dragged my feet and made a way through the dust. I got to a shed. it was quiet and nobody was in it. I slowly settled down my basket close to a table. then I called out but nobody answered but a scared rat that ran across the room. the shed was dusty and spider web hung from corner to corner. I could not move without hitting a web. a fan and broken light bulb hung above me, I ducked them and brought a touch as it got darker. I slowly walked the hostile shed hoping to see someone.

           I never knew what I was doing but I kept going like a ram led to slaughter. my feet hit the marble floor making rhythms, “bam-bam.”

           I could feel something hovering above my heights as I get close and pulled light ahead and see a woman dress in white. her face pale and she had dreadful fingers.

           I thought I was the only one, but my inner gut never doubted me. I tried a grand gesture. 

           “good day, ma do you live here.”

           she replied nothing but only smiles plastered on the wrinkled face. “ok you mean yes,” I guessed admiring on her behaviour.

           a little silence drop and she opened her mouth, her brown and rotten teeth appeared as maggots climb out, “I miss you so much, my daughter.”

           her words echoed as three voices from a mountainside. I was never related to the beast in front of me, neither have I ever saw her. “me,” I added, “you must be mistaken.” fear got me as it became clear I have fallen a victim of an ancient legend, who suck souls out of mere men. her desire is pure death as she performed any ritual on her prey. the rituals were brutal and painful, she either scrap off a man scalp with a knife place in a furnace or slowly slices off the private parts of her victim. I turned and made a run for it but was caught up by her hand, I threw my head back just to see her hand stretched out more longer than two trucks combine. she jabs and grabs me by the throat, seizing my air.

           I could only kick the air as I struggle for air. I knew I am a goner and a sacrifice to this legend as prayers kept filling my mouth. I only wanted quiet time too, myself but my selfish action caused my unexpected death. I reached for a stick as I came closer to her. 

           I could taste my blood even though I am not yet bleeding as I was dragged into her darkness, I could hear her last words, she ever said to me, “something I did when it was a youth, I felt it, I feel the wave but die in it.” she added with laughs, “I feel the wave, don’t you…’” her voice deepen, “…..don’t you feel it.”



Note: A curse can be a starter for most horror stories




PEAK:  wonder why called drama, but after reading this story you might get the idea of why its called a drama of riches and women.



               Hate grave in Alexa as she felt something; a word that threatens her. but that word was what that grave in her, “hate.”

               A young man pulled a cart beside her. His sweat rolls down from his head to his chest until he became soaked with sweat. He thrust all his energy to pull the cart that weighs more than sacks of grains, but still, he leaned and pushed it out of a porthole. Then veins appeared all over his face as he wrinkles them, forcing a little disappearance. 

               Alexa stood watching him and admiring his energy. This is western European and times of food were thoughts of most men still struggling. The 40s were most men die in hunger as their mouth shut through silence and poverty.

               Her feet gently reached the street; she grabs her flowery gown that decorated with Chinese embroidery off the gravel road. Her dress coloured in blue showed a flamboyant attitude highlighted in her as she crossed the street with a slipper that sparkles in the sun.

               The southern European women living in the western region prefer the life of the rich and famous. They find means to look good even though they do not eat well. A life of rich Endeavour was an enthusiasm towards them. 

               She strolled into a store a regular boutique with exotic jewel rings. they were too expensive for the middle class. Her eye crossed at expensive jewelry sitting middle of the shop on a platform and taking a central attraction.

               her eyes could not move elsewhere as it hooked her. She knew the rather looking jewel will be expensive and brings glory to her but she did not have enough money to set a spotlight for herself.

               A shining crystal embodied with diamonds in the centre and moulded like that art of Picasso and Michelangelo. She dazed into thoughts of the wealthy, an image of a rich life with that jewel slamming her chest softly and on her neck came into her thoughts vividly.

               The store attendant gave a soft cough when her notice her and he requested, “good day madam, what do you want to buy.”

               Alexa turned to him and threw her earlier thoughts away, then she replied with a question, “do you have a rather looking inexpensive earring but better than the usual.”

               Her eyes rolls and stopped on the earring that appeared before her.

               A small pea diamond place on it and a rather dull-looking metal hooked on it. Her lungs tighten as she asked, “what the price?”

               A reply came back and then a frown erupts on her face as she dramatizes, “four hundred euro!”

               she had no choice but to pick the old fashioned earrings. A sense of pride vanishes from her. She expected in life but what she received was an empty life.

Note: a classical tale we could refer to any time.





PEAK:  A boy figure out the orphanage home is haunted but only see the opposite of reality. definitely to serve paranormal.


it was night already I was ready dark and cold the weather could give a chill through your bones the orphanage home had its heating system fixed a few days ago I lived there but had no idea where my parents are I was abandoned on a cold winter morning on the doorstep of st Theresa child care years passed, I lived close to the sisters they had time for me more then the other kids they think am more matured for my age I was only eight.

“ I hate dumb bedtime stories we could go to sleep without them” I protested,

“there’s nothing bad about bedtime stories” 

Johnny said,

“I will be leaving you guys to suit your self” I left them to a room prepare for me by the sisters they gave it to me as a gift when I helped to save cute goat from a train that was two years ago but I decided not to enter the room till I could face my fears of being alone in dark but now will be a perfect time for me to face it, as I closed the door I could hear Rowley mumbling something about my teddy dinosaur, “ I don’t want that teddy any more you could keep it, Mr weenie can’t even defend himself from wearing out,” I said kicking my feet in the air improvising to kick a stone.

           I laid on my bed in my new room thinking all is well,

           then a thunderstorm started with a crack of lighting sending the power out total darkness filled the room I could hear the older kids screaming,

           fear gripped me, but I tried to be cool after I saw a cloth on the air as the lighting strike creating a powerful sense of fear in me, the window bangs hard I looked through it I was shocked to my feet in saw what looked like fingers It was without a bone I think because the flexibility was ace, the finger-like thing looks like a witch trying to use my blood for her potions I ran out of the room to meet the other kids I bang the door but no answer they must have fallen asleep with no trouble,

I could have listened to them and sleep like a baby but I was strong-headed to fight them for no reason next I did check the weather forecast before sleeping in my room,

I looked at the window and saw one of the sisters standing I called out relived then the strong wind blew her head off I rolled towards me I shrieked I ran back to my room I had left the door open,

as I lay on my bed I hit my bed violently then it began to shake there was a monster under it I stood up from the bed I decided to face my fears it only gets better for monsters if you fear for me I eat monsters for breakfast I bent under the bed then I see a scarf under immediately the shaking stopped the monster was gone I knew I was already In a horror movie scene so I have to act like survivors you might be wondering about my wild imaginations it because of my love for horror movies, for now, I have watched up to forty-six movies recent movies, not the old ones they are only disgusting not horrifying for me.

as I lay on my bed sleeping tight and cuddling forgetting my horrors soon enough I felt something chewing my blanket I pretend dead it took off my blanket it licked my feet I couldn’t stay there when a monster licks you its part of its senses to tell if you are fresh or dead.

           I took my heels to sister room I caught a glimpse of the monster it had horns it was short and have four legs it eyes shone at me when flashes of lightning appeared, I ran to the sister room and knock on the door but they were asleep. I cried like morning thinking when they all wake up they would only see my dead body on the door.

           not long I squat on the door and also fell asleep. next morning the sisters saw me and woke me up, I explained the whole incident to them but they disagreed and went their paths. I came out in the hallway the sisters head wasn’t a real one but a hardened ceramic sculpture it was brought that evening.

            the horned monster turned out to be wally our pet goat let loose in my room. the shaky bed also became a malfunction of an electric bed, a gift from the sisters. 

the floating cloth was hung on a black rope that I couldn’t see. I forgot that I hung my favourite vest in the room earlier. this was strange towards me as I noticed the willow tree in our backyard who acted like a witch with long fingers. I ran back to the kids both they were all gone and their bed properly arranged.

           then I ran to meet the sisters, but they were gone too. I ponder and wild thought came back. I had just seen them earlier. 

           I ran outside the mansion and thank goodness they were there, as I sigh in relief. 

           but that was not the end. the sisters decide they want to sell the mansion so that we all have separate rooms. it was too late to stop them, somebody had bought the building, I guess my terror keeps getting better.



Note: it gets better if a paranormal stories end well.


As we have said earlier, it will leave you begging for more. no matter how you try. of you will ask questions and continue of these stories. but as title display, short stories to read now, we have to leave it simple.
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